being natural 
 Durham Art Gallery March 27 -May 15, 2010 , 251 George Street East, P.O. Box 1021, Durham, Ontario Canada, N0G 1R0 Tel: 519 369-3692  Ilse Gassinger, Director: 

text quoted on the left is from Christopher Logue's "War Music"

This series of installation "chapters" continues my investigation of the consequences of human conduct and the aftermath/recovery from man-made disasters. Travelling across the fields, through the seasons, and into the future, the exhibition ends with  enthusiastic creation experiments, painting and sculpture, print and sculpture -  the "forms of things unknown" that imagine new life emerging from humanity's long, destructive shadow.  The exhibition includes  an upside down forest and a fourteen foot red waterfall. 


The DAG and the artist gratefully acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council.

The artist wants to thank Ilse Gassinger, the gallery Director and Curator, Geoffrey Shea, Emmett and the volunteers who helped with the installation, Arend Nieuwland, Basha Mayo, Michael Elvidge, John Smith, Jim Hong Louie, Jane Garland, Dave Robinson, Jenson and Carol McNamee. deinstallation shots above