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adjunct programming at YYZ for Be Brave! We are in this together

Thanks for the help and patience of Ana Barajas, Mallory Wilkinson, Alan Kosmajac and Tony.

Be Brave! we are in this together at YYZ
YYZ essay by Michelle Jacques "Libby Hague, The Thread that we Follow"

This installation is a psychological self-portrait that traces patterns of influence as they move between creative and private life. The themes that often recur in my work - risk and luck, disaster and rescue - are transposed into an approximate timeline of the complicated, contradictory textures of my life including the beginning; the forgotten things; the boredom; the family dynamics; the Accidents; patterns; the nightmares; the sex; the love; the fun.

The exhibition will consist of an immersive woodcut installation including the artist's  pleated paper structures, to be shown in Toronto for the first time. In addition, abstract puppet sculptures will be suspended from tracks on the ceiling. These puppets can be moved and reconfigured by viewers. They move around but never go away, accumulating like our personal history. 

Part creature and part object, the puppets stand and sit. Then they stand and sit again, in a lower-case ideal of continued effort.  By moving them, we give them a half-life that engenders in us a strange empathy and impatience. They test our patience by their repeated and almost inevitable failures; they test our optimism with their inability to learn or show gratitude. Together they speak to the isolation and interconnection of beings.