photo : Peter Legris
installation details :One step at a time
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gardiner expressway razor wire cornfield dirt abandoned cars antlers billboards poetry (quotations from Lennon& McCartney, Christopher Logue, Melissa Green) bad weather extensive flooding pails of water chandelier ( crystal , bone ) inappropriate jewelry money bouquet referees cutlery can opener, chain link fence,
footnotes, important billboard messages for you, very leaky condo development and a semi-miraculous event from the distant past members of the animal kingdom: (quadrupeds) deer, racoon and racoon baby, several eastern cottontail rabbits,dog (shitting) fox, mice, porcupine, bear, chained hyena (bipeds) small acrobats, large athletes, video girl! painting, video girl! dancing, blue eyed baby girl; (other) crows, butterfliesa supermarket : more specifically, canned goods, sides of beef, milk (spilt and not), assorted bonbons, sausages, cutlery, dried beans, rice, robin hood flour, de cecco pasta, water bottles, roast beef, corn syrup
, mustard, sardines, canned tomatoes

" And like a torrent of dishwater sweeping refuse along with it, her anger drenched Frédéric with all her rivals secrets." Flaubert, " Sentimental Education", tr. Robert Baldick, Penguin, 1964